Revolutionize crypto options trading with a platform powered by a decentralized non-order book AMM with on-chain price discovery, deep liquidity, lower fees, and no bid-ask spread.
The DeVol Protocol is a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) that provides optimized liquidity, greater pre-trade capital efficiency, protection from negative selection, and full collateralization with zero counterparty risk for options trading.*
Our long-term vision is to fully realize the promise of crypto by developing a risk management system for Web 3.0 with on-chain price discovery and transparency on risk. What Bitcoin did for permissionless value transfer, we strive to do for risk transfer.
* Based on the DeVol pricing AMM that permits trading backed by liquidity pools designed to cover all potential payoffs, and subject to smart contracts and the underlying blockchain operating as intended.

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Learn more about the automated market-making (AMM) DeVol Protocol that powers the DeVol Platform for crypto options trading.
DeVol Protocol: A fully decentralized protocol for cryptocurrency options with automated market making (AMM) and liquidity provision. DeVol stands for Decentralized Volatility.
DeVol Platform: An interface that allows traders and liquidity providers to interact with the DeVol Protocol.

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