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DeVol is the only complete solution for low-cost, fully on-chain crypto options trading and democratized liquidity provisioning. Powered by the DeVol protocol, users and partners get optimized liquidity, zero bid-ask spreads, greater pre-trade capital efficiency, and no trading counterparty risk.

With its atomic pricing and settlement, DeVol excels at spreads and complex orders.

Our Products

DeVol stands for Decentralized Volatility. DeVol is an ecosystem for trading crypto options and volatility powered by the DeVol Protocol. Traders can form a market opinion, execute, hedge and analyze trades all in one place.

DeVol Analytics: Best-in-class volatility analytics to support decision making and trade execution.

DeVol Protocol: A fully decentralized breakthrough Automated Market Maker (AMM) for the on-chain pricing, trading and settlement, with decentralized liquidity provisioning. The AMM uses a unique pricing methodology based on a fundamental new way of looking at risk by decomposing payoffs into a series of elementary units we call ”Standard Risk Blocks” (SRBs), which is a new kind of financial primitive. It can be used to price and settle any linear and non-linear derivative financial payoff, including options, futures and beyond.

DeVol Platform: An interface that allows traders and liquidity providers to interact with the DeVol Protocol.

DeVol Quantitative (coming soon): A suite of automated risk-managed professional option trading strategies.

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