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DeVol is the only complete solution for low-cost, fully on-chain crypto options trading and democratized liquidity provisioning. Powered by a breakthrough Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol, users and partners get optimized liquidity, zero bid-ask spreads, greater pre-trade capital efficiency, and no trading counterparty risk across platforms and automated strategies.
DeVol empowers the world with more effective risk transfer technologies. Our long-term vision is to fully realize the promise of crypto by developing a risk management system for Web 3.0 with on-chain price discovery and transparency on risk. What Bitcoin did for permissionless value transfer, we strive to do for risk transfer.

Our Products

DeVol stands for Decentralized Volatility. DeVol is an ecosystem for trading crypto options and volatility powered by the DeVol Protocol. Traders can form a market opinion, execute, hedge and analyze trades all in one place.
DeVol Analytics: Best-in-class volatility analytics to support decision making and trade execution.
DeVol Protocol: A fully decentralized protocol for cryptocurrency options with Automated Market Making (AMM) and decentralized liquidity provisioning. There is no order book and there are no resting orders by market making firms providing two-way quotes and earning the bid/ask spread. Instead, liquidity is provided by Liquidity Pools earning a share of trading fees for the trades they support. The price faced by liquidity takers is deterministic, which minimizes their potential for negative selection.
  • Fully on-chain pricing and settlement. Real-time price transparency based on supply and demand.
  • Optimized liquidity. Industry-leading liquidity for a minimum of 95 granular strikes. Enter and exit trades at any time before expiration with no order book or market makers. Liquidity is driven by the amount of capital in the Liquidity Pool.
  • No bid-ask spreads. Buy or sell a large range of strikes with no bid-ask spread.
  • Capital efficiency. More than 10x pre-trade capital efficiency compared to any exchange in either decentralized or traditional finance on the market today.
  • Full collateralization with zero trading counterparty risk. All positions are backed by funds locked on-chain in Liquidity Pools, which eliminates counterparty credit risk. Subject to smart contracts and the underlying blockchain operating as intended, Pools cover all potential payoffs.
  • Low trading fees. Create and execute multi-leg orders as a single transaction, and pay one simple fee 0.03% of notional, regardless of the number of legs in a trade.
DeVol Platform: An interface that allows traders and liquidity providers to interact with the DeVol Protocol.
DeVol Quantitative: A suite of automated risk-managed professional option trading strategies.

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